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[plain_testimonial name=” Cathy Bretzin “]Tina, I just wanted to say “thank you” for helping a friend of mine out with finding a job. Her name is Annette DiNatale. She really like working in the company in Ravenna. Also, I referred another friend to you and I know that you talked to her yesterday. Her name is Lora Smith. I wanted to say “thank you” in advance for helping her. She is excited to work with you. One more thing… thanks again for providing me the opportunity to work here, I am really happy working her and with Tanya. Thanks again.

[blue_testimonial name=” Toya Murkins, Escrow Closer “]Hi Tina: You asked me to let you know within a few weeks what I thought of the asssignment – I LOVE IT! It is perfect so far. The people are really nice, very helpful and I really enjoy the work and the work flow. I really loved doing title work in the past and I really enjoy it here. Thank you very much for the opportunity and such a nice assignment. I hope they like me as much as I like it here. You hit a home run for me with this one. Have a good day! [/blue_testimonial]

[blue_plain_testimonial name=” David Forgacs “]Thanks so much Tammy. I appreciate your time in finding my resume on, and it has worked out quite well for me. This was a new adventure for me; the temp-to-hire situation… however it worked out well in the end. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again [/blue_plain_testimonial]

[plain_testimonial name=” Terri L. Scheppler “]Tammy, Thank you so much for all your assistance finding me a “few” positions. It has been my pleasure to have worked with you and the rest of the staff at Snelling Personnel Services. I am VERY happy at the company and I am so grateful to have this job especially with the job market the way it is. It’s a Christmas miracle!!! Have a Happy Holiday Season and VERY Happy New Year!!!


Snelling is supporting Employers deemed as Essential by continuing our operation and placing employees in these essential jobs across the country. Please call or email your local office for opportunity details.